- S-E-L-L is a four-letter word

- Marketing Means Misery

- Your income is unpredictable

- You think owning a business is too risky


Learn the SECRET to:

- Finding RAGING fans for your product or service

- Making money BEFORE you even build a product or   service

- Using OPM to launch your product or service.

My Story:

My name is Sarah Spencer and I’ve owned my own internet marketing business, Got Clicks, since 2004.  I began a quest in January of 2013 to answer this question:  What’s the secret to online success?  

We had a client selling paint starting originally at $5,000 a month in sales.  We put her into a Big Commerce website, started a small adword campaign and social media marketing with a blog that showcased before/after paint project pictures. In a year, she went from $5k/month to $25 - $30,000 a month.  Yes, selling PAINT!

I worked with a cyber security company selling penetration testing products clearing thousands of dollars in sales.  He started the business in his basement and sold these tools at tradeshows (he didn’t even have a professional booth at the time.) Now it’s a multi-million dollar company based in Boston.

Are You Ready to Find The Click™ ?

If you’re feeling:

Then you’re ready for Find The Click™ .  I can’t wait to see you.


What Clicks?

So this became my mission:  What businesses “click” and which ones don’t?  I made some shocking discoveries:

Yep.  They LOVED their product or service.  They played with improving it or teaching others how to use it properly.  Not only did they have passion, but they had another secret weapon. Ready?  They had not just clients… but what I call “raging cookie fans.”  People who wanted, needed and couldn’t get enough of their product or service.  How do you get raging fans?  Come to the Retreat and I’ll show you exactly how to do it.

The Talk:  Testimonials

“I loved the balance of reflection (right-brain) with practical strategies and ideas.  So valuable to be working and bonding together as a team.”

Michelle Parent

Marketing, Vermont Interactive Technologies

“Engaging and great questions to help formulate a more targeted way of reaching my ideal clients.”

Randy Rowland

Executive Coach, Owner


“Thank you for allowing room for discussion and ‘a-ha’ moments.”

Patricia Sears

CEO, NEKTI Consulting

“This was energizing and productive.  The action step identification was extremely important so the workshop doesn’t go into a drawer, but gets implemented by our team.”

Tara Lidstone

Executive Director, Vermont Interactive Technologies

“Whether you have an idea that wants to take form, are re-inventing your life, want to take your business in new directions, or know it is time to get social media connected, this retreat with Sarah Spencer will inspire and surprise you!

Kristin Borquist

Host, Founder, Trust the Random

“I enjoyed the inclusion of a business-oriented meditation.  It was quite unexpected and wonderfully informative as to the direction I would like to take my business in.”

Virginia Rowland

Design Psychology Coaching



$1998 includes:

Next Session: Nov. 15th & 16th

Find The Click™  Retreat

Find The Click™  Retreat is a two-day retreat focused on finding the voice of your business and strategizing how to get your business noticed online.  We will begin with delving into the questions that will help you hone in on your “raging cookie fans…” customers who want, need and LOVE to buy from you.  We will:

Support AFTER the Retreat

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve attended a seminar, got all jazzed about it, then stuck the workbook in a drawer never to be touched again. Why spend thousands on a seminar only to not implement the great ideas you’ve learned?  That’s where Find The Click™  Intensive comes in.  We spend 12 sessions AFTER the retreat exploring how to implement what you’ve learned into finding customers for your product or service.  PLUS… once we hone your messaging, we build a custom lead capture page and email marketing template clients can’t WAIT to open. Take a look HERE to see the details of our one-on-one sessions.

We hold Find The Click™  in a variety of settings depending upon the time of year.  Be ready to mix fun and business together to help you create the business of your dreams.

Find The Click™  has been held in some of the nicest, coziest retreat centers in the area.